Pocta pre tých, ktorí už nemôžu byť v tento veľký deň s vami

Adding photos of your loved ones to your bridal bouquet is a great way to remember family members who can't be with you on your big day. And the charms make for a personalized bouquet heirloom that you can pass on to siblings and cousins.

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message in a bottle wedding guest books. Guests write a message and post it in a bottle for the bride and groom to read on their anniversaries

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Washington Wedding by Missy Cochran, III

Adult Advent Calendar: a bottle of wine a night might be just the thing I need to get through the holiday season! 😉 Adult Advent Calendar: a bottle of wine…

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Wedding Ideas Blog

Use color coordinated sticky notes to figure out seating plans. If there's a seating plan. I think people might be more comfortable with a seating plan.

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"Always & Forever" Wedding Aisle Runner Ceremony Accessory. These "Always & Forever" Wedding Aisle Runners are made of 33 gram non-woven fabric. Because this fabric is semi-sheer this runner is best suited for use on a solid floor surface.

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12 Unique Wedding Guestbook Ideas

Guests sign wine corks instead of a guest book. After the wedding you can put them on display in a vase, bowl, or even create a fun cork board with the signatures facing out. Or guests sign wine bottles to be opened on anniversaries

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Festive Bubble Jars : with Consol Glass

DIY bubble jars as party favors. I like that we can custom color bubbles. But not crazy about having DIY part. Nice idea though.

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RESERVED - Twig Place Cards Handmade from Reclaimed Wood Tree Branches (Qty of - Ideal for Rustic Weddings and Dinner Parties

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Wedding Aisle Runner - Personalized - White

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Modern, Rustic, Vintage, Yellow & Grey Ranch Wedding

Modern, Rustic, Vintage, Yellow & Grey Ranch Wedding (spring summer rustic chic decor the old family ranch at comanche trace ee photography) - Lover.

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Turn wine glasses into lamps! Turn wine glasses into lamps! Turn wine glasses into lamps!

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Bublinky namiesto ryže

ring security

San Juan Capistrano Wedding at Serra Plaza by Megan Hartley Photography

Ring bearer shirt for my future nephew Ryan. He will be 3 and a half by the time we get married, so hopefully he doesn't try to pocket the bling and leave us stranded.

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Little flat stones for your bridesmaids to stand on during the ceremony so their heels don't sink into the ground and they know exactly where to stand. PERFECT for an outdoor wedding! :) If you want your wedding party to wear heels!