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The Iberian Peninsula extends off of southwestern Europe. Most of it is a plateau, rising above a narrow coastal plains. Because of the region's craggy landscape, overland travel is difficult.

File:Piri Reis - Map of the Coastline from Piran as Far as Izola - Walters…

Illuminated Manuscript, Map of the coastline from Piran (Pirānū) as far as Izola (Īzele) (Slovenia) from Book on Navigation, Walters Art Museum Ms.

Abraham Ortelius Nordmeer Theat orb terr 1573.png

From: Theatrum orbis terrarum. by Abraham Ortelius Scandinavia 1573

File:Plan de Paris en 1657.JPG

1657 Johannes Janssonius "Lutetia Parisiorum vulgo Paris" in "Atlas Van der Hagen"

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Ortelius - Maris Pacifici 1589 - Abraham Ortelius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Taylor Map - Roosevelt Island - Roosevelt Island - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia