Wienerberger Brick Award 2016

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#WienerbergerBrickAward 2016 nominee 14: House Dejaeghere-François, Belgium by PCp-architects, Belgium. The main volume is wrapped in red ceramic tiles with dark brown nuances. A seamless transition without any further details combines façade and roof into one uniform surface.  Photographer: Ben Antoniw
#WienerbergerBrickAward 2016 nominee 12: Belleville housing project, France by Antonini Darmon Architecte, France. The façades of the five “small” houses and the existing building are given a matt white plaster finish, which rest on a base covered with shiny white enamelled bricks, a reminder of the neighbourhood’s past. Photographer: Julien Lanoo
#WienerbergerBrickAward 2016 nominee 8: Kita Kinderland, Germany by kleyer.koblitz.letzel.freivogel.architekten, Germany. The brickwork of the day-care center, specified to match the one originally used and reflect the history of the town, is complemented by red water-struck bricks.  Photographer: Christian Richters
#WienerbergerBrickAward 2016 nominee 6: Brick-topia, Spain by Map13 Barcelona, Spain. This temporary project is a vaulted unreinforced masonry structure made with the traditional Catalan technique of tile vaulting.  Photographer: Manuel de Lózar y Paula López
#WienerbergerBrickAward 2016 nominee 11: House of Trace, UK by TSURUTA ARCHITECTS, UK. The architects paid particular attention to the original brick profiles so that new and original brick courses intentionally don’t match and thus create clear contrast on the façade. Photographer: Tim Crocker
#WienerbergerBrickAward 2016 nominee 3: Kleuterschool de Gekko, Belgium by Dok / Moke Architectenn, NL. To visually connect the new buildings to the existing old town hall, bricks have been used, which at the same time add a robust and secure feeling to the kindergarten. Photographer: Thijs Wolzak
#WienerbergerBrickAward 2016 nominee 23: House In Wapping, UK by Chris Dyson Architects, UK. A traditional masonry construction was chosen to reflect and compliment the surrounding Georgian architecture. Photographer: Peter Landers
#WienerbergerBrickAward 2016 nominee 17: Herringbone House, UK by CHAN+EAYRS, UK. The light shade of herringbone brickwork articulates the houses’ two volumes and frames the picture windows setting the house apart from the other buildings on the street.  Photographer: Mike Tsang Photographs; Thomas Giddings
#WienerbergerBrickAward 2016 nominee 20: Police Headquarters & Charleroi Danses, Belgium by Atelier Jean Nouvel, France & MDW ARCHITECTURE, Belgium. The new 75m elliptical passive-energy tower, clad with blue glazed brick, is only one element of the whole complex, which creates a new landmark for the city.  Photographer: Filip Dujardin
#WienerbergerBrickAward 2016 nominee 15: Espriss cafe, Iran by Hooba design group, Iran. Considering the only 28m² small place, standard bricks had to be cut into smaller pieces. Photographer: Parham Taghioff