Take a look at this #infographic to learn more about the importance of #honeybees. #ecofriendly

Save Bees & Butterflies - A Look At Why Our Garden Friends Are In Trouble & How To Help

Honeybees and butterflies play an important role in the health of the natural eco-system but populations are declining at an alarming rate. Take a look at this post to find out everything you need to know about helping them thrive.

London: Petersham Nurseries Photo by Valeria Necchio

London: Petersham Nurseries


A truly grand garden tool shed. I am going to do this to my shed to get things out of the garage this year.

Townhouse, Brooklyn. So much green!

brick town home + large pane windows Renovated brownstone by fernlun + logan architects. A 15 foot deep steel and glass extension was added on to the rear of the brownstone

Un jardín escondido

A Secret Roof Garden on Top of an Abandoned Building in Patras, Greece. The secret roof garden is located at the corner of Filopoimenos and Riga Feraiou streets

Does the city represent a new landscape for women accessing land to grow food?

Urban Farms: The New Frontier for Female Farmers

Garden Path Wallpaper

Add a pop of color to your gallery wall or cabinet doors with this eye-catching wallpaper, featuring a dramatic floral motif in a warm palette.

koreaunderground: “While technically not on the actual roof of the house, this elderly woman attends to her rather comprehensive garden on the elevated plot next to her traditional home in the Bukchon neighborhood in Seoul. Considering the elevated price

Milk Crate Farm | Meet Tom Colicchio's Urban Milkcrate Farmer - Modern Farmer

Meet Tom Colicchio's Urban Milkcrate Farmer

Pickens (who I knew from our time together attending Ohio University) meets regularly with the restaurant& chef and the farm’s founder Sisha Ortúzar to di

Peaches on the fruit walls of montreuil paris

The nineteenth-century fruit growers of Montreuil adopted innovative peach growing techniques to produce the most coveted stone fruits in the world. Their secret lay in the construction of a honeycomb of solar walls.