Green plastic and glass containers. Found In Nature Green Bottles and containers Glass and plastic containers. Collected on the beach. Jamacia Bay, New York Harbor Barry Rosenthal. All rights remain the property of Barry Rosenthal.

Alexander Girard - Dove and Hand (wrapping paper)...

Alexander Girard - Dove and Hand (wrapping paper). its so lovely it could be anything, wall paper, bedspread, throw, blanket etc.

Botanical Chart by Jung, Koch & Quentell, 1891…

Vintage Dandelion School Chart - Botanical Educational Chart - Original Pull Down Chart Jung Koch Quentell 1969

susy keely

"Girl With Red Scarf" by Keelyart Paintings

susy keelyart line quality, then painterly oil pastels, blocks showing planes


Sasha Kurmaz sure knows how to take a portrait of a flower. Flower Portraits by Sasha Kurmaz

Cover design by Robin Bilardello.

this font is really cool, it is mad out of natural and woodland materials. Méchant Design Love the lettering from natural things. Have NO idea what the book is actually about!