Riding lawnmower!

The Cutting Edge: Bicycle Lawnmowing

Amazing Bike Lawn Mowers, article by Warren McLaren on Treehugger. Too funny. I believe that when I saw one of these in some old friends yard ( you know who you are), it was called, A Redneck Lawnmower.

On the Street…..via San Paolo, Milan ++ the sartorialist

The beard in itself is an accessory and highly indicative of the artistic side to this man. Clothes do not need to be try hard or fussy with a beard as expressive as this.


biking + polka dots + peonies--- cute pic idea for a new baby, put in basket!

John Lennon with Yoko Ono, riding a bike inside the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam during his honeymoon, 27 March 1969. Photo by Ruud Hoff

John Lennon with Yoko Ono-Lennon (riding a bike inside the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam during his honeymoon, 27 March Photo by Ruud Hoff)

Bike like a New Yorker

Agency Mother New York did a excellent job with this campaign for BikeNYC, the portal for all things bicycling in New York City. The campaign is launched in order to stay ahead of the debate on the upcoming bike share program (Citi Bike) in New York City.


Gentlemen, this proves that a suit can be comfortable.enough so to ride a bicycle, navy suit

Rolling Orange, a Brooklyn, New York-based purveyor of Dutch bicycles

Roll Models

George Clooney rides a bike.

Ooh, the wind in their hair, the sexy muscular legs and arms, the shiny bicycles! Here are some hot bikers that can make women of all ages drool.

Zullo by Frag Woodall

Zullo Pista Lean mean racing machine 👍 👌 🔥 💕 na

Little Mule Bicycles :: Melbourne, Australia

Interview with Hugh McIntyre of Little Mule

The Little Mule in Melbourne is not your usual bike store. They build custom single speed and fixed gear bikes in the back of their tiny, romantic coffee shop.

H3T architects: bike sauna

H3T architects: bike sauna

Architects 'bike sauna', a transportable sweat lodge pulled by a tandem bicycle

The first Bond, James Bond a.k.a. Sir Sean Connery riding an original Raleigh DL-1.

Anteayer (III): Bicycle Diaries (David Byrne)

The first Bond, James Bond a. Sir Sean Connery riding an original Raleigh