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Shopping Phrasal Verbs and Adjectives - learn…

Could be a useful A Level Language task: getting students to think about using specific vocab to create a relevant register and tone. Shopping Phrasal Verbs and Adjectives - learn English,phrasalverbs,vocabulary,english

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We have a NEW English Grammar chart for you. This time we show you the difference between This, That, These, Those (These words are called Demonstratives in English) You can find more information a.

Almond Carrot Cake. by Salvatore Cuomo Ingredients: 300gr Carrot ,300gr Flour ,180gr Sugar, 3Medium Eggs,100gr Almonds ,90gr Oil ( Not Olive Oil ),20gr Vanilla Powder,8gr Baking Powder ,Some Confectioners Sugar

Village Inn Carrot Cake: A moist cake studded with shredded carrots, pineapple, walnuts, and raisins covered with cream cheese frosting and finished with chopped almonds. It's three layers of mouth-watering satisfaction.