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Zoot Suits-During World War II, a lot of youths were expressing themselves through their outfits such as the zoot suits. Zoot suits consisted of a broad-rimmed, flat hat, a long draped coat, and high-waisted, baggy trousers.

Edward James Olmos as El Pachuco and Daniel Valdez as Henry Reyna, Mark Taper Forum, 1978 . (Courtesy of Mark Taper Forum)

sethemood:       Münchausen  sketch 1988 Unknown

'Baron Munchausen climbs up to the Moon by way of a Turkey bean plant' . Illustration by Alphonse Adolf Bichard from a French edition of 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen' published 1886

CHILDREN´S BOOK COVER by Federico Bonifacini, via Behance

Children's Book Cover by Federico Bonifacini. I really admire the illustration on this book cover it has been digitally produced, but the random placement allows it to look like collaging


Maria, from Fritz Lang's silent film "Metropolis. A miniature Maria can be seen at Shelburne Museum's exhibition, Time Travel: Rockets, Robots, and Steampunk