Vivian Vestergaard

Vivian Vestergaard

Vivian Vestergaard
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sweet kitten lamp

sweet kitten lamp

Features Jürgen Scholz kitten art on shade, hand-sculpted kittens on tree-shaped base. Butterfly finial, mahogany-finished base from the Bradford Exchange

Laser Gun mål skydning digitalt vækkeur (4xAA) - DKK kr. 193

Shoot your alarm clock to turn it off each morning. but wouldn't you have to grab the gun which takes the same time as turning the alarm clock off. and then you'd have to shoot the target when you're half asleep to turn the darn thing off.

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Rollercoaster Day

Rollercoaster Day is celebrated annually on the August. The origins of the celebration are not completely clear, however, the most widely believed.

Ecological Debt Day

Ecological Debt Day is a day intended to remind people of the impact of a modern life-style on the planet. It marks the point in each Gregorian calendar year.

Tell A Joke Day

Why did the chicken cross the road? These jokes, and many more and given during a day of the year.

Wave At The Surveillance Cameras Day

These days there are more and more people who think that the whole surveillance issue has gone a bit too far. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we’re.

Airborne Day

Airborne Day is a chance to pay tribute to the courage and dedication of airborne members of the Armed Forces. The special day has been marked every year since.