The Time Machine

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THIS BOARD HAS RULES, FOLLOW THEM: imagine traveling in time,what would you take from the past as souvenir? If you want to be invited just follow us. WE ACCEPT ONLY PINS THEMED WITH BOARD. - Immagina di viaggiare nel tempo,cosa prenderesti dal passato come ricordo di viaggio? Seguici per essere invitato. Solo pin a tema.
1750 Dutch Longcase Clock from the Gustav Leonhardt Collection at the Bartolotti House, Amsterdam

A burr walnut Dutch striking musical longcase clock, Amsterdam, circa 1750

Jackie Kennedy- 1950's dress

The wedding gown on the right was worn by Jacqueline Bouvier on September the day she married John F Kennedy. It is a part of African-American History. This dress was designed by African-American fashion designer Ann Lowe.

The Eleanor of Aquitaine Vase.' It can now be seen on permanent display in the Louvre, the museum having acquired the piece in 1793 after the French Revolution. The object is known to have belonged to Eleanor of Aquitaine, who, having inherited it from her grandfather, William IX, gave it as a wedding gift to her first husband, Louis VII of France. In his turn, he gave it to Abbot Suger for his foundation of St. Denis, who used it as a communion vessel.

Eleanor Vase - at the Louvre. Her gift to Louis VII on the occasion of their marriage and her only known surviving artifact.

London, 1865

davelee: Number 25 bendy bus, packed as usual. What an awesome selection of vintage London shots. What a beautiful city! Crowded Bus Ride in 1865 - Vintage London: "Taking in the Smoke" - Photo Gallery - LIFE Magazine.

I'm offering a discount!

I'm offering a discount!

Small Silver Pendant on Chain Antique Silver Necklace Pendant

Small Silver Pendant on Chain Antique Silver Necklace Pendant

Antique Silver Pendant on Chain Aesthetic Movement Victorian

Antique Silver Pendant on Chain Aesthetic Movement Victorian

Art Deco 1930s Gilt

Crown Deco Duo Art Deco Gilt Cup and Saucer ~ Ʀεƥɪאאεð вƴ ╭

Learning to iceskate

Young skater with safety cushion - Dutch boy with a pillow strapped on his backside in order to soften the falling on ice while skating. The Netherlands 1933 - Retronaut

Dunkley Pramotor 1923  moto stroller

Motorized pram / stroller car with umbrella run by an English nanny. Manufacturer: the English firm Dunkley. London, Child has a golliwog.

Cycle of the leisure class, circa 1886

Smartly dressed couple seated on an bicycle for two. The South Portico of the White House, Washington, D., in the background. (Courtesy of the National Archives) #


Aurora slit cars - loved my brother's set, and I remember the smell when they got hot

The fact that the songs would fade out, change track, and fade back in never really bothered me (at the time)

8 track tape deck for the car. Boy I remember having this in one of my cars!