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Different indoor lighting products: Philips luminous carpets Philips luminous patterns Philips luminous textile
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Luminous patterns gives you the freedom to enrich interiors through the integration of color, texture, light, pattern, and movement. We take the versatile power of LEDs and house it in a beautiful …

GALLERY TOTO is a digital gallery of toilets presented by TOTO and Narita International Airport. This delightful and engaging space is open to everyone. They wanted to share the sense of toilet comfort that is so important in Japan from Narita.

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Customization of floors and walls with light can bring a great number of advantages. Philips has designed Luminous Carpets and Patterns with amazing results

Luminous textile panels applied at the ISS University-

Transform light into a material Prefabricated sheet-metal panels with built-in LEDs provide an easy way to enliven walls with a variety of visual affects.

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