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Perfect flying aquarelle dove. Style: Watercolor. Tags: Amazing, Beautiful

Some of the most amazing tattoos come from the simplest ideas. One single thought can turn the creative juices of a tattoo artist on to full blast.

watercolour tattoo - Google otsing

watercolour tattoo - the black line with wisps of watercolour shadows may work well for my tai chi tattoo


( How do you describe a birds song without a recording? This bird tattoo does a good pretrial of a birds song. In Sonnet 73 the bird is singing among the bare trees.

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Love the life you live, Live the life you love made into an infinity symbol tattoo. Those of you who know me know I'm not much of a tattoo person. But I do love this. Thinking of getting it also.


Dandelion Bird tattoos are full of varied meanings. Even being simple and sober in design, the Dandelion Bird tattoos are believed to relate fulfillment of desires and wishes coming true.

One step at a time

One Step At A Time Foot Tattoo picture created by Taylor Jones. Image tagged with: one step at a time foot tattoo, one step at a time, foot tattoo, tattoo and was added on