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MOON BLINKED Just recently re-watched Legend of the Guardians and it is still as great as the first time I've seen it. Obviously, this sketch was inspired by the moon blinking scene.

Danse Macabre. Louis Raemaekers (1869 - 1956) ~ Dancing with Death ~

Dancing with Death/ The German Tango . - Louis Raemaekers - - Cartoons against isolationism in WWI The German Tango- “From East to West and West to East, I dance with thee.

baleanoptera | Alfred Rethel and his Dance of Death

Der Tod als Erwürger by Alfred Rethel. The Danse Macabre seems to be a theme of the month given recent postings at BibliOdyssey, Wurzletod and 50 Watts. In addition to posting examples, Bibl.

Honoré Daumier's 'La Paix Idyll' 1871

Dance of Death, also variously called Danse Macabre, Dança de la Mòrt , Danza Macabra or Totentanz is a late-medieval allegory on the universality of death. Here you can see images and poetry about death and dying