Julie Trøst Jørgensen

Julie Trøst Jørgensen

Julie Trøst Jørgensen
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I'll admit it. In my book of life? You either lay in your puddle of tears and drown in it (boo-hoo-pfft) Or you stand up proud and tall, and change it. Re-write your story. You are the artist, of your life. Let it fuel you.

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I look strong, but that is only so people don't slaughter me for my weakness. I am aloof so that I won't get hurt. I am critical and angry because I don't want anyone to get too close. That would hurt me more when they leave.

Everyone told me to leave you bc I didn't deserve what you and your family did to me

Everyone told me to leave. Everyone but my heart, I fell in love with you, but the night you hurt me I never should have went back, but I did. No one ever looked at me the same because I went back to you. I chose you. But you didn't end up choosing me

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