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Trille Tørnqvist

Trille Tørnqvist
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Chrysaora Fuscescens recess!

Jellyfish - beautiful and amazing! Jellyfish do not have a respiratory system since their skin is thin enough that their body is oxygenated through diffusion.

Tropical Fish near Colorful Coral Reef stock photo

So vibrant! --- Protect aquatic life with the accuracy of analytical chemistry instrument analysis.Com --- Image Source: Unknown

tubular coral - Google Search

Break a sponge in half, and two grow. More than a colony, less vulnerable than a tissue-based creature. Human societies could learn a lesson from the lowly sponge.

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Coral reef - This level of variety in the environment benefits many coral reef animals, which, for example, may feed in the sea grass and use the reefs for protection or breeding - Wiki