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You tell 'em Ross!!

Riverdale’s hyper-sexuality wasn’t limited to the student body, either. A long legged secretary was all it took for Mr. Lodge’s glasses to pop off his head, and become completely unglued.

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Commission Danny Fenton Crossdress by on @deviantART

*PrincessJessica : "I'm thinking its a Halloween Story. Gwen uses her magic to make Ben act like he loves dressing like a girl, she helps Ben Dress up in either A Snow white Costume, Alice in Wonde.

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AIL 3 - i love this drawing ! --- Adrian, Julie will be here shortly to take you to school cos I told her all about my plan, so stop moaning, I'm sure she is bringing a couple of her friends over as well, you'll just be one of the girls!

Does Suzy's guy know she's a Gurl?

Does Suzy's guy know she's a Gurl?