Anette Sjøgren

Anette Sjøgren

Anette Sjøgren
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Chicken coop with rooftop garden

Kippen House modern, green roof, garden roof chicken coops - OK, not exactly bag related but oh so fun and soon to keep a disgruntled husband busy building one for me.

chicken coop

I love the spiral staircase! The Coopsicle is one of the 14 original chicken coops in the recently released book "Reinventing the Chicken Coop". Mom this is for you!

chicken tractor

My favorite chicken tractor design so far. Roosts and nests are built above, and area to wander and feed down below. Drag your chicken pen around the yard so they can eat grass and bugs in a different spot each day.

The James Chicken Coop Hen House and Run - woodenart

Chicken Coop and Walk in Run for 4 - 6 chickens. Easy Clean Hen House and Fox Proof, made in UK