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Torben Andersen

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Torben Andersen
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ratherchildish: More than one way to pirate HBO. (Kenner, 1983)

The Radar Laser Cannon seen on the rebel base on Hoth, from Kenners Star Wars toys

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Star Wars - 1983 Kenner ROTJ SPEEDER BIKE - MISB - AFA 80 NM (Near Mint)

Star Wars Speeder Bike - this awesome piece of plastic had this little button in the back; press it and -boom- speeder bike explosion.

Rotary phones! I remember when I got my first phone in my bedroom as a teenager. I was so lucky!

This was the first phone I ever had in my parents finally relented and let me have a phone in my room, but they bought one without a ringer! I always had my music turned up loud, so I never heard the phone ring.