Love this tunnel book! (what a great project to do with an old book! and add some more details)

Congregational Fantasies: Ruth Maendel

“Tunnel book,” constructed of an old German Bible. Hard to see in the photo, but it’s got tiny doors at the very back


Anish Kapoor, Drawings from the publication 'In the shadow of the the tree and the knot of the earth', Lisson Gallery, 20 - The official website of Anish Kapoor

Yes, the Fleet River Sewer still flows under London, the residue of a time long past when it was a river, and later a destination not just for detritus and waste, but also for the people who earned a living in its dank, smelly waters. So-called mudlarks and toshers scavenged items of value there, including bits of coal that had dropped off barges. Often these people were small children trying to eke out a living underground.

The fascinating history of the River Fleet/ Fleet Ditch/ Fleet Street/ Fleet Sewer "Even today there are stories of wild pigs living on its hidden shores" !