Trine Løkkegaard

Trine Løkkegaard

Trine Løkkegaard
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woodland garden (dogwood, hostas-- imitate along back border)

[Think how nice it would be to look out your bedroom window and see the moon shining on your white dogwood.] woodland garden (dogwood, hostas-- imitate along back border)

Love woodland gardens!

There really isn't much that I don't like about woodland gardens. For some people, the idea of a woodland garden conjures up things of fairy tales and excitement and adventure. From naturally wooded areas to created woodland gardens among wooded.

nature's porch I want to sit and drink a glass of wine here and while away the day

A Pergola covered patio, not sure if it connected to a house or stands alone, a shaded spot to sit and watch the mists roll in. Field stone on the patio and post bases, with the soft paint on the pergola help soften it into the landscape rather than stand