mt masking tape

birthday present wrapping . washi tape number for the age . cute way to wrap birthday gifts!

Washi tape candles!!!

Table Centerpiece ~ ideal for Weddings. It doesn't get any simpler than this! Make these "custom" candle holders (or vases) by winding tape around clear glass vessels.

DIY washi tape dispenser

Here's a splendid piece of recycling from Melissa at To Boldly Fold. She took an empty plastic wrap box (and the tube that the wrap came on), and modified them into a handy way to store her collection of Japanese masking tapes.

Masking tape

Some wrapping ideas with Japanese washi / masking tape. From top left; book masking tape on a paper sleeve and old book pages; green checked masking tape bunting {made with baker's twine}; tartan masking tape bow and a spotted masking tape bow!

Masking Tape Vase

diy week {tape vase}…and camera back focus {how to get in the self timer shots}

washi tape?

33 Designer-Worthy DIYs For a Polished Home

Check out our 37 DIY Washi Tape Decorating Projects Gallery.By simulating textures the craft tape can add depth and life to almost anything and can customize to your own need store bought items and make them personal and creative.