Easy, but creative vase. Blow up a large balloon and paint the rounded bottoom part with ModgePodge; sprinkle confetti all over the bottom of it, filling in all areas and then apply more ModgePodge and adding more confetti to fill in every space and even overlapping areas (to make the vase stronger).  Then, cover with one final coat of ModPodge and allow to dry completely (for a few days).  Then, cafefully pop the balloon with a pin and throw it out.  Trim the vase as desired.

Bowls made of confetti! Great recycling art project--save all those leftover paper scraps (put in small bowls at each table). Collect a bunch and have the kids cut them up; Then make bowls made from confetti.

lav en bogreol af vandrør #bogreol

The most innovative book arrangement: Cool DIY pipe book shelf.for the industrial looking living room.all parts can be bought at home depot, and they will even thread the pipe for you there to the length that you need it! Maybe for bedroom idea.

The Ultimate Guide For Organizing Your Home Room By Room - 90 Revolutionary Tips and Tricks

The Ultimate Guide For Organizing Your Home Room By Room - 90 Revolutionary Tips and Tricks

cool under the bed storage trundle with drawer underneath and play area on top- would want this for legos! I need my train table put on wheels. with a drawer! Love this idea.

store books in an old drawer: just add legs and paint---ideas of what to do with those drawers we're taking out on other projects.

Book storage idea for Phoebe's room DIY Book Bin for Kids (made from a drawer)

small bedroom.. i like how the curtains run along the entire back wall even though the window is smaller.

This isn't exactly a bed nook, but it is a platform bed with storage under (presumably) in a narrow room, almost a nook. leibal wiesbaden studiooink 6 Ausbau Apartment Wiesbaden by Studio Oink

DIY : Light Idea  ======================

I really like this idea for an office or a library. Convert an old globe into a pendant light! Seems easy enough. Buy a lamp kit at your local hardware store, take apart a globe and drill a larger hole for the light. Put remainder of light together.

I Love DIY: DIY ideas for Your...

The Tubo Hotel in Mexico - a hotel that uses recycled concrete pipes as hotel rooms The facilities at the unusual hotel are basic but just enough for visitors enjoy with a bed, light, fan and storage inside each tube

Smeltede skåle, lavet af hama perler

Smeltede perler blev til en skål - og en lille opfordring

Nice lampshade of Hama perls. In danish.

Nice lampshade of Hama perls. In danish.