dark exterior w/ white windows and the ever perfect olive tree!

ah, the patio. love the open windows, white chairs and the galvanized pot for the plant. black exterior with white windows and grey decking and lots of green!

Krydderurter - sået i palle - skilte af tavlemaling

Kräutergarten aus Euro Palette - an herb garden made from a reclaimed pallet.

Best Sofa Pallet "The construction is in progress" #SofaPallet

Pallet Sofa Work In Progress

The construction is in progress ! Construction Living Room (sofa pallet) Recliner & & chair & tables & decorative (tables, shelves, etc.) all of pallets ! Stay tuned with me, to see the continuation of a very large construction !

Håndarbeiden » Palle min! - paller - pallets - sofa - seng - bed - bor - table - snekring - craft - DIY

DIY Pallet swing bed----I know the perfect place for it.in a yard in SC, a place I wish would go up for sale!

green gate

Cherries~cold sweet cherries in the summertime. Reminds me of when I was a kid climbing the cherry tree in our back yard and eating berries and spitting out the pits.

Et norsk sommerhus i Danmark - Bolig Magasinet

Decoration, Summer House Decor Butterfly Dining Table And Chairs Pendant Light Cappuccino Dining Room Furniture Collection: Cozy Summer House Interior Decorating With Traditional Style