Gamle natborde lavet om til et børnekøkken

Upcycle: Old nightstands into a play kitchen! ---maggie is really wanting a new kitchen, now to find old night stands.this is such a cute idea!

#Legekøkken af #pap

Repurpose Cardboard Boxes into Kid Crafts/Toys!

Make play kitchen from old boxes and CDs. It's cute, but not too sturdy, as it's just cardboard. Good use of the boxes, though, and I love that it's mostly recycled products. Old CDs for the burners?

Værktøjsbænk af et #sengebord

Going to start on one for Cole for the new house, right next to dad's :) !build your little boy or girl a workbench out of an upcycled thrift store night stand - just add paint, a pegboard and some play tools and you're done

lege-køkken, genbrug møbler

DIY Kitchen Nightstand with missing drawer repurposed as a child's play sink and stove.

børnekøkken du selv kan lave

DIY recycled old furniture - Play kitchen. DIY recycled old furniture - Play kitchen. DIY recycled old furniture - Play kitchen.

lav et ikea-møbel om til et børnekøkken

toy kitchen out of IKEA rast. use a few of these for a larger kitchen. this might be my favorite/least expensive.


Deep Fried Creative come through with yet another SUPER FUN play kitchen made out of old dysfunctional furniture! I love these ideas and this IS how I will make a FANTASTIC play kitchen someday! I love this one's chalkboard on the side too!