naomi campbell

Clippings this week features Naomi Campbell in a fashion editorial from the April 2007 issue of GQ UK, where she appears on the cover.

It’s a jungle out there.

Jaime and giraffe, Mojave Desert, 1996 MICHEL COMTE Could they be going to intra-species Stag Party? Your guesses will be appreciated.

Naomi Campbell photographed by Jean Michael Goude, was "The Body" already taken? geez :o

Naomi Campbell photographed by Photographer Jean-Paul Goude, DWNH) Because she has only one pointe shoe on. Because her figure is of legend. Because they call her Naomi. Because she does not.

jaded-mandarin: “Hendrick de Fromantiou. Detail from Still Life, 17th Century. ”

Hendrick de Fromantiou - A still life with flowers in a silver vase and a folded rug (detail)

Old school black & white graphic tile pattern in stairs. Located at Hilda Sarra's House in Havana. Designed by architect Rafael de Cárdenas.

Michael Jordan, 1984