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How to Maintain a Beard & Keep It Healthy


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Check out our new packaging for Kimmie Essential Thyme II™ Conditioner & Shampoo This is our moisturizing hydrating conditioning antifungal shampoo with anti-bacterial fighting properties for all hair types especially extra dry itchy scalp caused by psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis. #thymeoil #orange #orangeoil #orangeessentialoil #CitrusBlend #herbalproducts #herbal #plantbased #plantbasedproducts #hairlosstreatment #psoriasis #psoriasis treatment #dermatitis
Plant Based Vegan Natural Hair Care Products

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Fat Burner Machine and Ultrasound Cavitation Body Slimming Machine is your best choice to get rid of extra weight and body fat FAST. Elsanar Beauty offers a huge sale and FREE shipping. Grab yours today.

Plant Based Hair Care

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A complete plant based daily system. Kiddie Essentials™ Pink Himalayan Eczema Itch Relieving Bath Salts a blend of mineral salts with anti-fungal, antiviral & antibacterial properties to help reduce skin swelling & irritation caused by eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. Kiddie Essentials™ Honey Soap has natural anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties to help fight against skin infections and promote wound healing. #Pink Himalayan #Eczema #dermatitis #psoriasis #honey soap #oatmeal soap

Plant Based Skin Care for Kids

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A while back, I felt the need to revamp my skincare routine; after consulting with a friend, I ended up taking advantage of Cultbeauty’s Black Friday sale and bagged a total of six items. This is my very first time trying out The Inkey List products, and I am beyond excited; the same friend that helped me pick these items has already given the brand a shot, and her positive review propted me to do the same.

Product Reviews

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Introducing the latest and greatest in wig technology - Sarko Beauty's Adjustable Glueless Silk Top Wigs! These beauties are made from 100% virgin human hair, so you know they're top quality. Plus, they're super easy to install - it only takes less than a minute. Just pop them on your head, use the adjustable strap at
Introducing the latest and greatest in wig technology - Sarko Beauty's Adjustable Glueless Silk Top Wigs! These beauties are made from 100% virgin human hair, so you know they're top quality. Plus, they're super easy to install - it only takes less than a minute. Just pop them on your head, use the adjustable strap at

Hair Loss Remedies for Woman at Home

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IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset | Best laser hair removal 2020 | at home laser hair removal – El Sanar
Misty Plus Size Ruffle Hem Gathered Dress

Skirts & Dresses

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Covert: This is Life Unisex Hoodie Purple - Etsy
Overt: This is Life Unisex Hoodie Turquoise - Etsy

T-Shirts, Hoodies & Sweaters

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::REVIEW:: Olay - Tone Perfecting Cream! - Hunnyy Beauty

Dark Eyes & Puffiness

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Octopus White Leggings With Pockets - Etsy
Octopus Yoga Leggings Turquoise - Etsy
NORMOV Winter Warm Pantyhose Women Super Elastic Black Slim Pantyhose


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When it comes to annoying things in makeup, I'd have to say oily eyelids definitely make my top 10. Today, however, we aren’t just going to complain about oily eyelids; we’re actually going to talk about ways to deal with them! I have rounded up all of my favorite tips and tricks that will help you not only minimize, but possibly obliterate the problem, too. These are all incredibly simple, and I am sure you will see a major difference right on the first try. Click on the pic to find out more!
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Make up

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The cute and fashionable basketball purse is suitable for daily use and casual wear. Perfect for outdoor activities, sport, travel, dating, etc. Classic design and fashion style; it goes well with any outfit on any occasion like work/daily life/outdoor activity. #bags #handbags #gifts #basketballbag #edystreasures


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DIY 4-Ingredients Honey Shampoo - Growth, Frizz and Deep Condition!
Packed full of interesting benefits, this DIY Hair Spray is quite easy to make, and might just become your new absolute favorite! You'll need a total of 4 ingredients to craft this DIY Hair Care solution, and less than 10 minutes to blend them all together; click to find out more about it!

Natural Hair Care for Kids

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If you're looking for more tangible results in barely a couple of days, and by barely making an effort, here's how you can glow up over the weekend! This guide focuses more on physical appearance rather than lifestyle, I hope you won't be too bothered by that.
Can you transform your mind and body in barely one week? Yes, you definitely can - and this glow up checklist will tell you how! This article is full of inexpensive tips and tricks for you, as well as some cheesiness along the way. It's a budget-friendly and fool-proof glow up guide, and I promise it will turn you into a whole new person in just 7 days.
Sunscreen spf study shows cancer causes you need to know. Find out what suncare skincare brands have it and what brands don't. #skincancer

Free Beauty Reports

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Skincare Science: Why You Should Be Using A Niacinamide Serum on Your Skin. Niacinamide is a water soluble vitamin that delivers #serum #acne #antiaging #melasma #agespots #sundamage
#beautybulletins Science of Beauty: Retinoids. Retinol’s 7 Skin Benefits. #retinol #skincare #skincareroutine #aging #antiaging #acne #wrinkles #sundamage #vitaminA

Men's Anti-Aging

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Dark Academia has been one of the hottest fashion trends this year, and has been the starting point of many other styles; one of the most famous ones is, of course, Light Academia. With a much softer and brighter aesthetics, Light Academia is basically the polar opposite of Dark Academia (color-wise), and is perfect if you aren't a big fan of moody shades like black and navy. In this guide you'll learn the basic pieces of this style, but will also get 10 outfits inspiration to create your looks!

Fashion In The Home

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It's our plant based all natural deep cleansing antiviral antifungal moisture restoring shampoo for hair & scalp with pain relieving wound healing properties that soothes irritation, nourishes, and hydrates. Great for all hair types especially dry, brittle or damaged hair or sensitive scalp conditions caused by psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis. #Sulfate Free #Paraben Free #Synthetic fragrances Free #eczema #psoriasis #best #cbd #shampoo #Phthalates Free #dandruff shampoo #scalp pain reliever #1
Our Beard & Face Cleanser will soothe, purify and stimulate, while gently cleansing your skin and beard; removing bacteria and dirt. This RICH velvet cleanser made with rosehips and rose water. Your face and beard will be clean without stripping your skin of its natural oils. #beard #beardkit #travelkit #beardtravelkit

CBD Beauty Products

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Rose Knit Pom Beanie Hat

Accessories & watches

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Fragrances & Essential Oils

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Plant Based Vegan Natural Hair Care Products

#antiitch #antifungaltreatment
#naturalproducts #plantbased Plantbasedshampoo #shampoo #conditioner #sulfatefree #Plantbasedhairmask #plantbasedhairdye
#henna #psoriasistreatment  #veteranowned #hairoil #redhairdye #africanblacksoap 
#naturalbeardproducts #plantbasedhaircare #maryland #usa
It is definitely not my first time bringing a DIY Under Eye recipe on my blog; however, this formulation is quite different from all of the previous ones I have created! This DIY Under Eye Oil recipe is incredibly easy to craft, and quite cheap as well; it only features a handful of ingredients you can easily find in your home, and the end result is a pretty effective formula to use.
This DIY Earl Grey Tea spray can be used on both your skin and hair; it is a very easy recipe to make, and you can use it pretty much any way you want! I really like to store it in the fridge and spritz it on my face throughout the day; moreover, I think it is quite the amazing haircare solution! I like to spritz it on my hair right after washing it, but you can use it whichever way you prefer.

Organic Beauty

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::REVIEW:: Dreamworks - Shrek Clay Mask Pack! - Hunnyy Beauty


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Best Hair Care Routine for Men - Top 8 Tips 2
Select your desired length and topper size (dimensions). Feel free to write a personalized note for any additional instructions, and we'll try our best to cater to your needs. Whether you're buying this unit due to a medical condition, alopecia areata, or just trying out a beautiful new style to change your look, it'll look very natural on you! Book a complimentary consulation, if needed, to ensure your unit is absolutely perfect for the look you seek to achieve.

Hair Loss

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