** Lines

I like natural forms like this, dunno if it's texture or pattern, but I like it. color is pleasant as well. I like textures/patterns that feel like art


tara donovan (detail) androgyny magazine photo by yuval hen unknown photo of stella tenant noriko ambe sculpture (detai.

Patience. paper. and an Exacto knife. Noriko Ambe carved paper sculptures

and an Exacto knife. Noriko Ambe carved paper sculptures-- this makes my collages look like child's play.

blanc | white | bianco | 白 | belyj | gwyn | color | texture | form |

Soft white fur is always more beautiful on the skin of it's animal owner, soft and warm with life.

noriko ambe - cut paper

Topographic Paper Landscapes by Noriko Ambe “Started in this is my life work. I individually cut single sheets of paper by free-hand and stack them together.

Beauty in nature - eucalyptus bark - art surface, texture, pattern, colour

Christiane Wyler an artist, painter and designer she's painted on silk using mixed media like textured surfaces to combine colour. she say colour is life.


Noriko Ambe, A Piece of Flat Globe 2008 made with cut Yupo & glue, from Exhibition 4 "Second Nature", directed by Tokujin Yoshioka at DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo Photo by Masaya Yoshimura

black and white explosion

The poet is, etymologically, the maker Drawings by Patti Jordan Title: Aldous Huxley