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Palm + Geometry Business Card

Palm Geometry Business Card Templates Introducing our Palm Geometry business card template, perfect for use in your next project or for by The Design Label

Created by San Francisco based designer: Phil Pham / -- Massachusett's TEDxCambridge event is the largest TEDx event in the world with nearly 2,000 attendees. In anticipation for the even't pivotal growth, TEDxCambridge needed updated event branding, conference wayfinding, and digital marketing to draw attendees into the ecosystem and engage them throughout the Boston Opera House.

Ok so i have always wanted to get the chance to speak at a Ted talk because they're just amazing and so nice

Branding and logo design for a new website,, by IAMTHELAB Consulting.

Branding and logo design for a new website, Haute Handmade by IAMTHELAB Consulting. Navy blue, mauve and gold color palette.

La Sotolería Bar Branding by Estudio Yeyé® | Fivestar Branding Agency – Design and Branding Agency & Inspiration Gallery

La Sotolería Bar Branding by Estudio Yeyé®

Banh Mi | Studio Cosmos | 2016 #food, #restaurant, #logo, #mockup, #vietnam, #graphic, #design, #menu, #france

photo, the idea of all white a shadowed or colored simple image of a plant, drink etc behind the text would be amazing vs borders. i can down load some from shutter fly.

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Modernist Graphic design is often compiled of simple geometric shapes and colours. Much like this simple black and white mobius strip created with varying triangles.