Possible basement color scheme? Storming hues - wonderful blue-grays, an indescribable spruce-green-blue, and a hint of muted turquoise-gray - a wonderful mix that only needs one contrast.


a eucalyptus-inspired color palette (Akula Kreative)

a eucalyptus-inspired color palette // green, gray, natural tones ❤ =^.^= ❤ My favorite tree!

color perched

Color Perched

today's inspiration image for { color perched } is by . thank you Marie for such a gorgeous photo inspiration share!

Build Your Brand: 20 Unique and Memorable Color Palettes to Inspire You

Build Your Brand: 20 Unique and Memorable Color Palettes to Inspire You

Mellow Musings 17 Just because a combination is desaturated, doesn’t mean that it lacks visual power. By combining very different hues, you can retain the contrast achieved with vivid colors even with more muted tones.

Is that crazy to love this Pineapple light so much?

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Colour Love // 51 [pastel, pink, green, sage, mint, cotton candy pink, light pink, light green, cactus, pot, pot plant, gold flowers, cluster, neutral, taupe, cream, diamonds, brooches, colour love, color love, colourlove, colorlove] Kaleidoscope Blog

Colour Love // 51

I know this is art, yet I like the pink pot! I never thought of using that color. likeafieldmouse: Bernd Westphal - Still Life obsessed.

nice colour combo for Spring!

squawked tones color palette - like the muted sea foam green & grey with the dark brown & green


linework of Warsaw based designer and illustrator Agata Wierzbicka, garden, plants, botanical garden, greenhouse