Irving Penn Painter Joan Miró on the Roof of His House, Montroig, Spain, 1948 “I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.

American Minimalist Sculptor Richard Serra at work on his etchings and paintstik compositions in California around November 1990.

American artist and minimalist sculptor Richard Serra at Gemini G., an artist’s workshop and publisher of limited edition art prints in Los Angeles, California, around November 1990

Picasso and Cocteau playing an African marimba, Cannes 1956

Picasso and Cocteau WOW! What an experience to be in a room with these two magnificent artists!

Inside Pablo Picasso's Studio (And Up His Nose)

Inside Pablo Picasso's Studio (And Up His Nose)

11 Pablo Picasso holding out a towel the way a bullfighter holds out his cape. "The morning after bullfights in Arles, Picasso spun around with his bath towel, baiting Jacqueline across the room. [Villa La Californie, Viva Picasso, p.

frida kahlo - Pesquisa GoogleMore Pins Like This One At FOSTERGINGER @ PINTEREST No Pin Limitsでこのようなピンがいっぱいになるピンの限界

A “prettier” adaptation of Frida Kahlo’s self-portrait has been circulating the internet. Frida’s iconic look has been appropriated ever s…

David Hockney, 1972.

David Hockney, 1972.