The modular doll’s house (above) comes in one big box, but you can fit the rooms together in many different ways to create the perfect doll’s house.

Doll's House and Farm from Hase Weiss

Boomini Doll House - Mini Wood

Boomini Doll Houses

Felonius GRU Minion Gru Toy Doll Plush Despicable Me 2 Yellow Henchmen Super Soft Monster

Shed/Shelf — Woonwinkel ... a grown-up Dollhouse. I can imagine so many uses for this!


From Studio Gorm, a compact flexible space in an iconic shape that helps you to store all your essentials, from kitchen to desk. Like a dollhouse for grownups, it reminds us to look at things from a d

Modern Dolls’ Houses - Petit & Small

Modern Dolls’ Houses

Nursery & Toy Trends – Design by Boomini! – Beautiful Wooden Dollhouse Wood , Designer Joanna Kruszec with Detailed Wooden Miniature Furniture – View Living Room & Roof Terrace.