The Return of The Yummies! :)

Pizza just became the perfect Halloween treat for the kids table! Make Mini Mummy Pizzas with French bread, pizza sauce, cheese and olives.

Hotdogs Are Fun :)

Make kids' lunch fun with a hot dog "octopus." It would be fun to combine with reading a book about the ocean-- the kids could help make the book come to life! And if they helped make lunch, it wouldn't be such a challenge to get them to eat!

Simple Funny Food Idea, Perfect for Kids

Cute food for kids - I found fish bones in the egg! My kids loves ketchup on their eggs they would love this !

Because It's C-OH!-ffee!

Most of couldn't face a morning–or afternoon, for that matter–without a cup of liquid energy to keep us going. Did your favorite writer feel the same way? Here are some great coffee quotes from famous authors.

This Is Just Funny lol

West Ham, East Ham, Fulham and Nottingham! I don't care what other people say, this is how these are pronounced

Food Rainbow, Healthy Heart

Wanting to add some more fruits and vegetables to your diet to hep you lose weight? Here are some great healthy eating tips from Demelza!