Super easy medieval or sorceress gown, witch gown from one piece of fabric.

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Super easy medieval or sorceress gown, witch gown from one piece of fabric. Probably gonna use this for the renaissance faire next year to save money

How to make different kinds of hats for costumes

DIY Cardboard Hats - instructions for a ladies tea party hat, railroad engineer and a Mad Hatter Top Hat! for a Alice in Wonderland or a mad hatter tea party

diy tutu this could come in handy for a halloween costume


DIY Tutu Skirt - 15 Fashionable DIY Clothes-- Anna Clotilde needs a new tulle skirt. A girl has got to have one, for those days when the princess part of ``ninja princess`` needs to be expressed.

Gored cloak pattern

Gored cloak pattern-- BUT it takes 3 yards for a half circle, so 6 for a full circle, but I can do a full circle from 8 yards with MUCH less work, so I don't think this is worth it for the fabric savings.>>>> I really want a cloak.

How to Make a Tutu Skirt / yeah, I'm pinning this for other kids or something. Certainly not for myself. What kind of a grown woman needs a tutu?! *makes shifty eyes to see if I've been caught/accused*

AuRa Treasury: DIY Projects - How to Make a Tutu Skirt / Dress could also be for a curtain thing.

Pettiskirts - Tutorial


Kandi Lightner of Kaiya Eve Couture demonstrates how to make these adorable satin charmeuse skirts that are what little girls dream for. Kandi's petticoats were the original petticoats on the market that started the whole petticoat explosion.

DIY adorable ear headbands for the kids

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Homemade Medusa Costume

Medusa - Halloween Costume Contest at

Homemade Medusa Costume They took those cheap rubber snakes from the dollar store and made a headdress for Medusa.

Mother Nature costume

Mother Nature costume ((I've been Mother Nature before! It was so fun. I love this combination for the head piece; it could be used for a garden fairy costume too.

Kids Dress Up Butterfly, Angel, Fairy Costume Wings - Blue Turquoise Hearts - Sizes S M L

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This might be a winner to complete a Halloween costume.  Now to find a costume to match the lips.

This is supposedly how to get vampire red lips. People wear red lipstick when they go out. Does that mean their lips look like vampire lips? Does that make them look scary?

Obviously I wouldn't make my hair into a birds nest, but I would use it to dress up in a Victorian costume...

How to make birds nest hair for Halloween, Perhaps good for going as Mother Nature?before adding the bird nest hair is in style of Victorian era