hot glue, a mason jar and spray paint= fabulous!

DIY: Vase or Jar For Storage or Gifts. Take a hot glue gun and print your design on a bottle or jar, and then spray paint.

pretty little fabric flowers :)

DIY Tutorial: Wedding Flowers / DIY Hair Ties - Bead&Cord Except I'm just going to hot-glue it to a hair clip.

glitter made manageable for kids (and adults for that matter, lol)....brilliant!

Do you use a lot of glitter in your Christmas crafting? Store your glitter or colored sand in salt and pepper shakers! This craft supply storage idea is so great. - love the salt shaker rack, where to get?

handmade paper lantern drawn on paper and wrapped around a glass jar. i love the cityscape!

DIY paper lantern: This is a famous cityscape drawn on wallpaper/cardstock and wrapped around a glass jar. Battery-powered twinkle lights inside or with a candle

thread and pins, wrapped around old earring

Knitting Ear studs - Green knit earrings

Knitting Ear studs - Purple knit earrings - These ear studs are tiny balls of yarn with miniature knitting needles. Perfect for the fashionable knitter or anyone who loves the knit! The yarn is hand dyed laceweight merino wool.

Felt Bows - How To - DIY

maybe a hair bow station so if they wanted to make a little something, it would be there and we could just tell stories for a bit. CREATE STUDIO: How to Make Felt Hair Bows that Stick! What a great idea to use shelf liner to make it stay!

DIY // Hanging Diamond Decor

DIY Hanging Diamond Decor

DIY hanging diamond decor by contributor Kathleen :: These use straws covered in silver muffler tape. She used cotton string, but fishing line works, too. All the dimensions for the straws are given for all 3 sized diamonds!

origami star

How to fold a 5 pointed origami star with step by step photos. An easy way to make beautiful Christmas star decorations.

Ikea frames and duct tape. Good for luminaries/ paper cuts.

Photos printed on vellum, stapled to CHEAP CHEAP wooden frames and put a battery powered votive in the middle - instant birthday party decorations of the honoree.think OLD photos of someone celebrating a - etc. possibly dad?

Fall Leaves Garland

DIY fall decorating idea: Felt fall leaves garland on the tall mini tree in the entry way?

Tiny crowns from toilet paper rolls

An entire site of toilet paper roll crafts! Could easily use paper towel rolls two just cut in half. There are fun crafts for every holiday :) Would be great for classroom crafts too (Diy Paper Crown)