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“I wish you all  ✨ A HAPPY AND MAGICAL NEW YEAR ✨ can't wait to see what the new year will bring ✨ here's a second peek at the work I did for…”

“👀Sneak peek👀number 2 for Wishing you all a peaceful year it bring lots of happiness🤘🏻🐻🤘🏻 photography by

Pre-teens 😍✌🏼️😍

Pre-teens 😍✌🏼️😍

Cute bloomer shorts sets from Fäfä from Japan for summer 2016 kidswear

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Playful fairy print mixed with checks at Fäfä for girlswear spring 2016 from Japan

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Candy coloured mixed print girlswear from Fäfä for spring 2016

Make a wish upon a star💫 #tanabata #starfestival #fäfä #kids #ss2016  Photography by @celinehallas

Make a wish upon a star💫 #tanabata #starfestival #fäfä #kids #ss2016 Photography by @celinehallas