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Hoptimist are at their happiest on a desk or table, gently bobbing around with every movement in the vicinity. You should really try to get your own Hoptimist, it will make you happy!


For the post of the new year, I thought I wanted to write about something that makes me happy and the Hoptimist is one of the things!

Hoptimist Bumble, kobber, Hans Gustav Ehrenreich, Hoptimist - 399

A wiggle, a wink, and a smile—the charming Bimbles and Bumbles from Danish label Hoptimist take a spirited stance on desks, shelves, and windowsills. Pepped with energy ever since they were first created in the each cheerful figure is crafted true t

The Hoptimist

Shooting the Hoptimist figurines in creative ways for use in advertising campaigns worldwide.Photography & creative direction by Lars Brandt Stisen, MADDOCMAN/Berlin

Hoptimist Woody

Hoptimist Woody



DCUK and Welly Ducklets and med gummistøvle

DCUK and Welly Ducklets med gummistøvle

Natural Welly Ducklet Blue and White Spots

This cute natural finish welly duck stands approx high with blue and white spotted welly boots.


Hoptimists are all about smiles – and a mild surplus of energy. The cheerful, sweet Hoptimists were originally designed in