Stephanie Stadager

Stephanie Stadager
Copenhagen, Denmark / Globetrotter with a passion for everything Disney
Stephanie Stadager
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The 27 Funny Work fails and office memes pictures, If you are looking for Work fails and office meme pictures. We have amazing selected funniest memes pictures of the week

Winter, Schnee, Plätzchen und Weihnachten in Sicht. Was will man mehr?

Light Zone Winter is my favorite season is because of the beauty of ice and snow, and opportunities to be able to capture the breathtaking landscape pictures. 30 inches of snow falls overnight would create a picture of wonderful winter… Continue Reading →

From the Guinea Pig is My Best Friend page: I know this look well.

Your face when people call you a HAMSTER. I once made a documentary on guinea pigs for a film festival and on the evaluation sheet the judge wrote at the end, "Makes me wanna go out and buy a hamster!