Awesome street Art #spraypaint

These colorful geometric murals were done by Matt W. Moore, an amazing graffiti artist who can blend shapes, colors and street art all in one. Check out this post for some really awesome graffiti murals all over the globe.


I Carry Your Heart. I Carry It In My Heart: Paper poster by Julene Harrison, my favorite poem, by ee cummings

Il Magazine Layout

I like the inverse design of the two bikes, the dominant picture makes it obvious what we are reading about. The layout is a little bland, however, with the standard columns beneath the picture. Would like to see more creative use of white space.


An abstract work by artist Britt Bass Turner, composed of soft tones accented with brighter hues. Layers of color and fine detailing add depth and dimension.

Matt Shlian paper art

Conceived over a flurry of emails in the spring of The Tessellation Series is an expression of intuitive design evolving from a fixed startin.

Atlanta graffiti artist Hense

The Atlanta-based artist HENSE has some amazing modern art in his arsenal. I really like the “paintings” section of his portfolio. The unseaming shapes are.