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Søren Nielsen

Søren Nielsen
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°Wave by Tobia Scandolara

The sea. I love to swim in the sea when its sparkling and calm. Even more I love to watch and listen to a stormy sea all angry and foaming


Sometimes at night I would listen to the waves crashing against the rocks below my window, and I swore I could feel the foundation of the house shaking, threatening to break away into the icy water.

The sea

Another pinner: Like this image alone on a vast, somewhat stormy, ocean glad I have my sea legs.I don't have sea legs;

highenoughtoseethesea: Peaks and valleys. Ph: Ray Collins

Mountains Of The Sea: Photographer 'freezes' Waves To Make Them Look Like Mountains, curated by Michael Paul Young on Buamai.

Curled waves

My ideal way of spending the day is at the beach. Not some tranquil blue tropical lagoon, but a beach where the waves create a constant roar and throw a mist of salty water into the air.