A is for Applesauce

Designer Dad Teaches His 2-Year-Old Daughter About Typography With Edible ABCs

Designer Dad Tommy Perez Teaches His Daughter About Typography With Edible ABCs. "A is for Applesauce.

An alphabet made of semi-circles! Les-enfants-de-la-Bolduc

‘Les enfants de la Bolduc’ (logo and typography) by Philippe Cossette. Previously on BLDGWLF… You may also like.Philippe CossetteSpaghetti Vespa Ryan AtkinsonAlphabet of TypographyPublic Gothic

typographic sins

If you've gone to school for design and are making any of these sins, learn fast. 34 Sins Of Typography


I like the fact that the two gaps in the middle of a capital 'B' have been used as the 'D' for 'Book Designs'.

typography, black and white

typography, black and white///// This design has a illusion type feel, which moves your eyes to the words.

Top Notch - free font | via Emmadime

Head over to Emmadime and check out the newest Top-Notch Type — this week, I made a fictitious logo to show off this free killer font.