Josephine Wall: One of the most talented and inspirational artists I have ever come across.

Josephine Wall - Tree of Four Seasons Revisited. Each of the four seasons is depicted in this special tree.

I don"t know why, But I think she reminds me of Audrey Hepburn :) I think Audrey Hepburn would make an amazing fairy!

I love you my Tinkerbell Fly fly ❤️️❤️️

Stone and Violet Etsy, custom wooden shelves for crystals, smudge sticks, all sorts of amazing withery. The Practice of Palmistry Chart

What is Palmistry ? Palmistry is the ancient science and art of reading lines, size, shape of the hands and fingers. Palmistry has two Divisions the shape of the hand; and lines on the palm.

educate people so that "witch" is not evil but ancient and positive. Where there is love of all living beings and all created..You will find my heart.

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Farewell letter from

Fairy dust necklace / Vial is filled with gold or silver 'star dust'

Mystic Night free background by *KlaraKay on deviantART

I feel like we should have a festival for a magic moon or something. Like once a month the moon takes on magical properties.

I was looking under mystic and found this   The woods in the background when it says once upon a time

Photograph mystic by User ID on

Kurt Lawson.  Wintery goodness!

Sneak peak at the Permafrost Collaboration Devin Willow. Kurt Lawson photography, body paint, hair, styling by Mirabai Wagne

pink fairy princess... Pat by pearlie

Fairytale Princess ✩ Pretty in Pink, Beautiful and whimsical.

Though faerie's wings look thin, and transparent. They are tough as leather, and beautiful

Learn about Fairies at the Fairy Kaleidoscope. Discover beautiful Fairy houses, Fairy furniture, Fairy photos and learn interesting Fairy facts.


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Zodiac & Birth Stone Rosary Necklaces

Free People Birth Stone and Zodiac Rosary at Free People Clothing Boutique

“We are all born to fly. Instead, we sit on the branches afraid of the leap into the unknown. But the unknown is where enlightenment lives. Our true nature is the unknown.”  ― Enza Vita

The Story of The Garden of Eden: True or False?

Chakra cleansing and soul purpose – change your energy & life

Chakra cleansing and soul purpose - change your energy & life

If something is not working, your chakras are blocked. Heal with chakra cleansing and reconnect to your soul purupose

Christian Baby Onesie God Onesie Christian by LittleAdamandEve

Christian Baby Onesies® God Onesie Christian by LittleAdamandEve - Spiritual insights

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