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INFJ or INFP? 7 Ways to Tell the Two Apart - I Speak People

Need to know whether you're an INFJ or INFP? Get the facts you need to tell the difference between the two types and finally make up your mind right here.

Yesterday I shared with you that I intruded but resolved a dispute using the cognitive functions, which I, of-course, had to explain to them as I understand.. When I got to Ni, I mentioned my affiliation, and one of them told me that even if I don't say anything, I slide into a prolonged cringe, and lose interest in what he had begun saying. Apparently I only communicate (Fe) with faces, not masks (Ni)

INFJ Pet Peeves Superficiality, vanity, extravagance and anyone desperately seeking attention. INFJs are highly attuned to spotting "fake" people. They are able to see both the mask and the person beneath it. I'm intj but yes

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A cuddly blanket would also be nice!!

I know a lot of INFJs love to be in nature or curled up with a good book. What’s your happy place?

Worn out

When I am overwhelmed, noises feel like they’re attacking me…my ability to engage other people when I’m really fatigued emotions run ramped and I am powerless to contain them- they slip through the cracks of my walls.

It's really painfully true. I hate promising stuff and realizing later I don't want to do it. I feel bound by my word

INFJ-- yup, too bad you can't count on others to do the same. Some infj s have physical limitations that prevent🙁