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rioburton: “A really rough thumbnail idea for a FeyrexRhysand piece……. If I get to it X’D I’ve been insanely busy this month! So here you go! Enjoy this teaser. ”

Illiyrians: Azriel, Cassian and My baby Bat Rhysand *Smiles so big face hurts ACOMAF

Love this art Feyre

Feyre - A court of mist and fury by Sarah J mass the tattoos are in the wrong place but yaasssss

Rowan and Aelin. When Rowan finds her in TOG #6

’…and finding no other way they endured at last the terror of the Helcaraxë and the cruel hills of ice. Few of the deeds of the Noldor thereafter surpassed that desperate crossing in hardihood or woe.