"Giant Knitting" by Yallingup Steiner School recipient of Happs Wines Emerging Artist Award. Sculpture By The Bay project, Australia.

Wonder Woman.

Las estrellas tejen VIII

Celebrity and pop culture knitters. lamaisonbisoux: “All sources / Todas las fuentes.

Old woman Knitting in Portugal. Notice how she has the yarn around her neck and a safety pin attached to her shirt for tension.

Old woman Knitting, Portugal. Yarn looped behind the neck helps control yarn tension.

herring girls knitting

A woman’s hand never stops …! During our investigation of the Zealand fisherman sweaters That we discover the origin of this child designs in England. There the ganseys , as t…

herring girls with aprons walking and knitting

Three Scottish herring girls knitting whilst waiting for the arrival of the fishing fleet at Great Yarmouth in England, 1929

Photographic Memory

Senior knitting gloves and socks in front of her house in Şirince village of İzmir (Turkey). Photo by Mustafa Cem Çubuk

Folk Art Knitting Sheep Needlepoint Canvas

wooly wednesday [sheep art]


Tongue out in concentration David 'Buster' Burton aged 10 finds knitting a lot harder than he thought it would be. He is one of three boys learning to knit during the hobbies instruction class at Port Vale County Primary School, Hertford.