Sissel-Björk Lund Johansson

Sissel-Björk Lund Johansson

Sissel-Björk Lund Johansson
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Snowflakes hama perler beads by katvonlyhne (Diy Ornaments Kids)

Roller Derby blocking: edge flow (minefield) - YouTube

This is one of my favorite drills to start or end my solo practice sessions with.

Gamechanger - How to Skate Fast! | Roller Derby Athletics - YouTube

Four exercises to help you Skate Faster! As part of Roller Derby Athletics' sponsorship of the 2014 WFTDA tournaments, we're creating 30 Second .

Roller Derby Basics: Lateral control (infinity drill) - YouTube

This is a basic lateral motion and control drill. It's not one I came up with, but I thought I'd pass it on as it is a good way to practice using heel kicks .