The Happy Show at MOCA – by Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh

The Happy Show at MOCA

The Happy Show at MOCA – by Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh Not exactly a trade show booth, but it easily be re-purposed for one. It's a fun and creative way to engage your visitors and foster a memorable experience.

Environmental graphics are a great way to create a fun and inspiring workplace and keep your employees happy!

F-U-N way to incorporate mandatory OHS items into a design using wide format printing. Unilever's welcome signage incorporates dual fire extinguishers into a design of a scuba diver!

DAN FLAVIN #installation #sculpture

An interior project can never survive without lighting, whether if we’re talking about its functionality or decorative ability. It’s just something we can’t deny making the effort.

The Happy Show via Sagmeister & Walsh Behance

The Happy Show Illustrations - Verena Michelitsch // Art Director: Stefan Sagmeister // Wall design: Jessica Walsh

Opening Ceremony Tokyo, by Zilverblauw

Opening Ceremony Tokyo

Escofet Slope by Woodhouse

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Typography across multiple planes. Bezos Center for Innovation | Studio Matthews.

Studio Matthews What a way to use an exterior step-- for extraordinary signage or messaging!