guts and glory

The female effect. Fck you very much and thank you. Black and white photography. Visual art. Vintage stufff. Controversial perhaps? Nakedness and faaacks.
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fuck off

Black & White Photography Inspiration Picture Description fuck off

"Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart." ― Haruki Murakami

"And in the dark night, she missed his light in between her arms. She wanted to hold him again, and tell him all the things she never did. And in the dark night, she felt all alone with a stranger by her side.

You'll never see me cry.

dark tears depressive photography black and white dark sad tears I'd love to recreate this for an ongoing mental health project


Fish Eyes Effect Fun portrait by Sean Lee from Paris.

Free falling

girl, photography and black and white image on We Heart It


First page picture related to my theme - eye/tear/sadness/pain

Gerhard Riebicke: Couple Performing German Dance, ca. 1930

Gerhard Riebicke ‘Couple Performing German Dance’ ca. 1930 (Are they naked?

Anonymously given.

Well fuck you too, rock!

Princess Margrethe (the future Queen Margrethe II) with her father King Frederik IX of Denmark.

Princess Margrethe (Queen Margrethe II) with her father King Frederik IX of Denmark


As I was cleaning out my handbag the other day, I found a few lone band-aids floating in the bottom that I kept there for emergencies - usually shoes that rubbed holes in my feet.

Boxing the shit out of it all

Fit girls are badass. Keep on boxing

Zerno Roli: from the Skin Of The Sea series.

jacques henry lartigue LM writes: A bathtub shot.

arm wrestle. Catherine Deneuve photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth for Yves St Laurent

Catherine Deneuve - Fan club album : Catherine Deneuve - Photo posted by

robertgaudette: “ Kristen’s Feet by Robert Gaudette ”

Catch me if you can

Mind Blowing Funny Pictures Captured At Perfect Time - 38 Pics


Birds in Flight - black & white photography, patterns & textures in nature