ferm LIVING Plant Box in light grey: http://www.fermliving.com/webshop/shop/news-living-aw15/plant-box-grey.aspx

BEFORE THE STORM Plan para una tarde casera de tormenta. sofa, mantita y bebe plantbox and cushion from Handmade ceramic by from cut & fold serie

HAY - Flowerpot with Saucer

Simple black concrete flowerpot with saucer from Danish designers Hay.

An airplant with a characteristic grass-like appearance, "Tillandsia Juncea" forms a spectacular clump over time. During its blooming period it produces a magnificent long-lasting red bract with small purple flowers!

bewaarpotten holmegaard

bewaarpotten holmegaard

Disc air plant design holder with Tillandsia Caput-Medusa on the wall

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The set of two discs will surprise you with its minimalistic, straightforward design that manages to elevate air plants, providing a natural frame to showcase their mystical beauty.

Hanging sphere air plant design pot with Tillandsia Usneoidus (Spanish Moss)

Elegant plant box in by ferm LIVING can be used for everything from plants to books all around the house or as a divider in a larger room.

Himmelis are small geometric mobiles that originated from Finland. They are the perfect airplant holder, so your plants get lots of light and air.

Hexagon Plant Stand by Ferm Living