SBYC_holiday_regatta_ Keel Sailing - "This is definitely are fastest point of sail"


the tilt of the earth, the smell of the sea. Ah what a life this would be for me:) I have been on a sailboat, but not out sailing.

sail away

Brigitte Anne-Marie Bardot is former French actress, singer and fashion model. One of the best known sex symbols of the and Bardot photographed by Terry

Moonlight’s Sonata

Moonlight’s Sonata // It would be lovely to go on a nighttime, moonlit sail with my sweetie.


Incredible pin showing the fabulous motion and colors of the wave! Also the motion of the wind in the sails, and of course the beautiful blue sky!


Sailing- David loved sailing and crewed in all of our races on the Great South Bay. He was the navigator on Merry Ann, the year Bill Cook won the Governor's Cup in NYC.

Sailing - fast and light

Hydroptere - World's fastest Sailboat. Uses underwater wings for lift. For contrast, the average Sailboat tops out around 8 knots I believe