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Silas Johnstrøm

Silas Johnstrøm
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Unlike most rugs/carpets/mats that just become static pieces of furniture, proving functional sometimes and becoming a home-decor element in the background at other times, the Imagiro carpet possesses a shape-shifting quality. If napkins at restaurants can be bent into decorative flowers, or towels into elegant swans at hotels, why not the carpet? The Imagiro carpet lends itself to that creative spirit.

What's the difference between a carpet/mat or (a large piece of cloth) and a sheet of paper or a napkin?


Anyone who has ever been stuck at an airport overnight has likely wished for a private, comfortable space to catch some shut-eye in the midst of all the chaos.

BLOC CITY by milimbo on Etsy

A city made it in cardboard, which is also automontable and useful. Its made it with simple and geometric forms. From 2 die-cut cardboard

Hocki Klocki - cardboard toys from Poland

Cardboard Spacecraft by: All the essentials for an intergalactic adventure. Made of recycled cardboard which can be painted, colored or embellished as desired.